Buffalo Park

bl21The Langkawi Buffalo Park is in Kampung Nyior Chabang, situated between the exalted Gunung Raya and Gunung Mat Chincang. It is surrounded by tropical lush green rainforest which makes it a beautiful spot for nature lovers. It is a quite isolated place in Langkawi, about 10 minutes away from Langkawi International Airport.

The Langkawi Buffalo Park spread over 20 hectare contains more than100 Murrahand Swap buffaloes, kept in favorable surroundings and good health. You will see them busy grazing and munching in the green paddy fields, relaxing and cooling off in muddy waters.

The farm is mainly focused on milk production as buffalo milk has a novelty value in the country and other organic products such as yoghurt, cheese, ice-creams thus making this an amazing attraction for those who are interested in experiencing farming at close hand.

The Murrah breed is imported from India which is the milking types whereas the Local River buffaloes interbreed with other high milk-yielding kinds. About 1,000 liters of high quality fresh milk is packaged a month including flavored milk, curdled milk and toothsome ice-cream.

Some water buffaloes are swamp buffaloes which are fostered as draft animals and serve as a meat source. You should try their mouthwatering buffalo steak, served with the peppery sauce at the café inside the farm.

The water buffaloes produce only enough milk to feed their young ones and therefore are not suitable to use in making of dairy products.